WeChat Marketing

Lucky Money. This sends your customers a random amount of money to use in their e-wallet.

Coupons. Attract customers by sending location based sales and discounts.

Just Shake! A location based marketing tool that connects deals to your customers physically in store.

What can we do?

Official account registration

Account Setup

Market your brand on WeChat. Including 3 kinds of WeChat official accounts :

  - Subscription Accounts

  - Service Accounts

  - Enterprise Accounts

Send lucky money

Follower Building

Send lucky money via RoyalPay or your Official Account.

Quick and easy way to connect consumers to your business.

Attract consumers

Electronic Coupon & E-Card

Three ways to market to consumers on WeChat that we offered :

- Offer a VIP card through the app

- Send promotions

- Give e-coupons that they can exchange in stores

Join WeChat O2O commerce

WeChat & "Shake"

Offer offline merchants to connect with WeChat users base on "iBeacon"(Bluetooth technology).

Provides features that help merchants to offer custom personalized marketing and push messages.


WeChat Official Account

We help Franco Jewellers apply and verity their Official Account that provide a formal way for companies to interact with their customers through WeChat.

Regular Promotion

RoyalPay official account regularly push merchant marketing campaigns and help businesses increase their followers.

Lucky Money


WeChat "Shake"

By shaking via WeChat, offline retail businesses can interact mobile users nearby and achieve O2O integration.