How RoyalPay Works

Cross-Border Payment System
Chinese Consumers
Cross-Border Account
Merchant AUD Account

Why use RoyalPay


Data is encrypted by SSL Transfer Protocol to avoid data being leaked during transmission.

Stable & Efficient

We’ve partnered with AON Insurance and Fexewallet to ensure stability and security for merchants and customers.


Competitive transaction rates and clearing cycles.

Marketing Service

RoyalPay isn’t just about transactions. Stay connected with your customers with online Wechat promotions like lucky money, e-memberships and coupons.


We have a variety of data models to ensure merchants are capitalizing on every marketing strategy available.

Customization Service

RoyalPay provides customizable solutions to suit every business.

Gateway API

$input = new RoyalPayUnifiedOrder(); $input->setOrderId(RoyalPayConfig::PARTNER_CODE . date("YmdHis")); $input->setDescription("test"); $input->setPrice("1"); $input->setCurrency("AUD"); $input->setNotifyUrl(""); $input->setOperator("123456"); //submit order $result = RoyalPayApi::jsApiOrder($input); //redirect to payment $inputObj = new RoyalPayJsApiRedirect(); $inputObj->setDirectPay('true'); $inputObj->setRedirect(urlencode('' . strval($input->getOrderId())));
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